Stills from the Set

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Tina FeyActress Tina Fey and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Angela BassettAngela Bassett on set
Angela BassettAngela Bassett and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on setAngela Bassett
Finding Your Roots II
Angela BassettAngela Bassett gives an autograph
Angela BassettAngela Bassett joins Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at the table
Sally FieldSally Field and Prof. Gates take a stroll
Sally FieldSally Field and Professor Gates pour over the Book of Life
Carole KingCarole King with Professor Gates at the tableCarole King
Finding Your Roots II
Benjamin JealousHenry Louis Gates, Jr. and Benjamin Jealous at the table
Billie Jean KingProf. Gates and guest Billie Jean King
Khandi AlexanderKhandi Alexander and Prof. Gates on set
Anna Deavere SmithGuest Anna Deavere Smith and Professor Gates with Smith’s Book of Life
Deepak Chopra & Henry Louis Gates Jr.Henry Louis Gates Jr. enjoys a moment with Deepak Chopra
Courtney B. Vance & Henry Louis Gates Jr.Henry Louis Gates Jr. interviews Courtney B. Vance
Alan DershowitzAlan Dershowitz gives an autograph
DershowitzSonAlan Dershowitz and his son explore their family’s Book of Life
Gloria ReubenHenry Louis Gates Jr. with Gloria Reuben
Governor Deval PatrickHenry Louis Gates Jr. stands with Gov. Deval Patrick
Jessica AlbaHenry Louis Gates Jr. and Jessica Alba on set
Ken BurnsHenry Louis Gates Jr. and Ken Burns at the interview table
Rebecca LoboHenry Louis Gates Jr. with Rebecca Lobo
Ming TsaiHenry Louis Gates Jr. and Ming Tsai in the kitchen
NasHenry Louis Gates Jr. and Nas
Aarón SánchezHenry Louis Gates Jr. and Aarón Sánchez at the interview table
Stephen KingStephen King and Henry Louis Gates Jr. take a stroll
Tom ColicchioTom Colicchio gives an autograph
Tony KushnerHenry Louis Gates Jr. with Tony Kushner
Valerie JarrettHenry Louis Gates Jr. interviews Valerie Jarrett