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Finding Your Roots in New Mexico

KNME produced a segment as part of the weekly public affairs program “New Mexico in Focus.” The segment will feature an interview hosted by public affairs host Gene Grant and three guests. In the show, genealogists will an explore Grant’s roots and discuss how local viewers can uncover their own genealogical information.

Finding Your Roots in Houston

In conjunction with Finding Your Roots, Houston Public Media produced a video that tells the story of College Park Memorial Cemetery. In the early 2000’s neighbors discovered that a neglected and overgrown city lot held the graves of about 2,500 of Houston’s African American founders. The restoration of the cemetery inspired research into the individuals named on gravestones and has uncovered important stories of Texas’ African-American heritage.

Finding Your Roots in Washington, D.C.

WETA in Washington, D.C. created videos featuring information on the Washingtoniana Collection of the DC Public Library, National Archives and Records Administration and Prince George’s County Genealogical Society.

Finding Your Roots in Charlotte

WTVI in Charlotte, North Carolina created videos highlighting the Mecklenburg Genealogical Society, the story of Ransom Hunter (a freedman from North Carolina who owned a farm called “freedom”) and produced a segment for their local show Carolina Impact on the Bissell family.

Finding Your Roots in Detroit

DPTV in Detroit, Michigan produced four videos on the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library. This series featured the library’s genealogical expert who works closely with genealogical societies and residents in the greater Detroit area.

Finding Your Roots in Norfolk

WHRO in Norfolk, Virginia created videos featuring the Tucker Family who traced their roots back to the first African child born in Virginia and Virginia Beach Genealogist Donald Moore who traced his family history back to the mid 1600’s.

Finding Your Roots in Jacksonville

WJCT in Jacksonville, Florida produced five video segments that share local individual stories and resources available to help the Jacksonville community “find their roots.”