3 Degrees of Separation, Part 2

While the PBS series Finding Your Roots made only passing reference to connections between guests, the truth is that each guest is separated from each other guest by at most three degrees — genetically.

3 Degrees of Separation: Genetic Connectivity

It may take far less than six degrees of separation to connect us. Geneticists who worked on the Finding Your Roots series were able to connect guests through just one or two other individuals.

Haplogroups: Tracing Deep Roots with DNA

People with similar geographic ancestry share these small differences in their mtDNA or their y-DNA and they are grouped together in what are called haplogroups— specific clans or branches of the human family tree.

DNA and Deep Family Mysteries

For some, these deeper family mysteries take on an additional dimension that goes far beyond curiosity — knowing who that great-great-grandfather was would fill in a critical gap in their understanding of who they are.

Ancestral Traits

Geneticists discuss how DNA and genetics determines our traits, like eye color, and how our shared DNA can surface recurring traits down our family lines.

Genetics 101: All About DNA

Geneticists explain DNA, mitochondrial DNA, chromosomes, genomes, and how, with the right tools, our genetics has the power to reveal our ancestry.

Solving Mysteries via DNA

Joanna Mountain’s fascination with genetics took off while teaching in Kenya. She later embarked on a research project that helped map the migration routes of our ancestors who lived on the African continent tens of thousands of years ago.