Filming in a Mosque with Yasir Qadhi

We were nervous. Yasir Qadhi’s interview was approaching rapidly, and we didn’t have much information. Our researchers in India strove to provide the material, but there was little to be found. From the Ark Media offices, most of our promising leads withered into disappointment.

Angela Buchdahl: A Korean and Jewish Heritage

I didn’t even know that women could become rabbis, let alone a woman whose mother is a Korean Buddhist! To my surprise, I encountered Angela Buchdahl: the world’s first Jewish-Korean female cantor and rabbi, presiding over one of our country’s largest and most beautiful synagogues in the middle of Manhattan.

Rick Warren: Preaching Runs in the Family

Like many African Americans, I was stunned that President-elect asked Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the Invocation at his inauguration. But when I thought about it, that move was classic Obama: Obama the bridge, the healer.