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Who is an American?

Ben A.
Meigs Magnet School, Nashville, TN
Sponsoring Station: WNPT, Nashville, TN

"Who is an American?" Is a question commonly asked by people. It does not matter what color or creed the person is, it is about how he or she feels about America, "the melting pot of cultures." Showing how you feel about America can be exhibited in many ways, but if you are forced to express it, this means that you do not care.

People show nationalism to their country in countless ways. Some people in America show that they care for their country by serving in the air force, army, or navy. Other people work for the government to make their state safe economically, and overall a better place. Several people donate money to the poor so they can help the part of their country that is less fortunate and in poverty. These are just a few ways Americans show their patriotism towards their country.

America is very cosmopolitan. This means that people from different cultures live in America. Some cultures in America are: American Indians, African Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Koreans, Jews, and white Americans. In the olden days, when people had African slaves, many people were treated unfairly. Now, America is the land of the free and the brave, and every one is equal and valued as one kind of people.

One true American that has past away is Carl Schurz. Carl Schurz arrived in America from Germany in search of freedom and security. Mr. Schurz was a crusader for abolition, a brave general in the fight to save the union, a vigorously independent United States senator, and an outstanding cabinet officer. What doubled the value of his service was that it came in a time when probity and dedication was sorely needed. Claude M. Fuess, Carl Schurz's biographer says that, "Schurz was the exceedingly useful incarnation of our national conscience." Carl Schurz is called a true American because he repaid America with half a century of honest devoted service.

A true American can be anyone that has migrated from another country to America and has made America his or her permanent home. If one calls him or her self an American, they must fight for America, follow the law, and try to make America the best it can be. It does not matter where the person is from or their skin color, it is about what is inside that person's heart and how he or she feels for America, and what they do to show it.

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