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America, My Home Essay Contest

Who am I?

Javier B.
Montgomery High School, Silver Spring, MD
Sponsoring Station: WETA, Washington D.C.

I lived on to be brought down
Always putting my head down
I was only eight
Nevertheless it was fate
To become American

I had no choice
I was stripped of heritage
In fine words
Never spoken only thought off
How was I supposed to be free?
When it cost me more then I could afford

My heritage
I had to leave
I felt so deceived
I wished so much
That I could leave
But I had no choice
And far from having a voice

Only a child
But already on trial
How was I suppose to be free
To liberate my self of my mother,
My sisters and my brothers
Just become something I'm not

Only knowing my ABC's
I struggled just to be me
So how am I suppose to be free

Petrified of my life's destiny
Put in someone's hands
To be me it all depends

I was a child nevertheless
My heart pounded out of my chest
I wondered around took all I could handle
Only to be put down

I tried to rise up
But always fell to the floor
All this I had to store
Wanting to live more and more

Fierce days and fierce nights of pain
Waiting for the day to open my eyes
In this cruel world

The product of my mother's love and passion for liberty
All rested in me
But all I came to be
Was American in the land of the free

I was nine
Before it was time
And I already lost all my life lines
My heritage, my pride, my passion, and my love
All this I was stripped off

I was never given a chance to speak
But like a child I learned to kick

At ten I rose up
But only to fall down
And just be left there to drown
And still I held my head down
I've been stripped of me
Why should this be?
At the rate I was going I couldn't even see

This child learned to walk to talk and to write
And he doesn't discriminate black or white
He's black, white, yellow, red, orange, and blue
And all this is known to be true
My ancestor's shed their own blood to make me
To make you
Their blood mixed to make us

Only if they knew
Tomorrow I will still be their brother
But I thank the ones that held me down
Because they don't know all I found

I'm American now
But not American at all
Because Spanish is what I'll stay
And under two flags I'll lay
And ador them in this life if I may

The journey was long
But it made me strong
Maybe this is where I belong
This was my trip
And hope in your hearts this will stick
American or not we struggle as "one"

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