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America, My Home Essay Contest


John W.
Foothill Middle School, Walnut Creek, CA
Sponsoring Station: KQED, San Francisco

Do you know how it is to live in American when you speak two languages? It is kind of hard because some people hate you. Some people also like and don't hate. Some of the people I like are either my friends or my best friends.

The fun thing about America is that all of my cousins live here. The only thing that I hate is my mom's parents live in Pakistan and Afghanistan. My mom's mom lives in Afghanistan and my mom's dad lives in Pakistan. Other wise I am happy that all my cousins live here, and the good thing when my parents are away one of my cousins take care of me.

Enough about my cousins, and my parents. Let's talk more about my life, like my complex problems. Since I go to Foothill, it is a little complicated. Like the people who hate me say "Oh look at that kid, he is so fat he can't fit in a seat." The people who like me say "John is the kindest guy in the world."

I hope this tells you how I live in America and how I like it. I also hope that I showed the effects of living in America. That is how I live in American, and what are my family problems, and effects in America.

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