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America, My Home Essay Contest

America, My Home

Salina Islam
LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY
Sponsoring Station: Thirteen/WNET, New York

In 1995, my husband got a D.V. visa and we came to America. We know America is the biggest and most rich and able country. America has strong democracy and freedom. When we came to America, we escaped our poverty. My country's people thought America looks like a heaven. Bangladesh is a very poor country. There education and milieu are so bad. Bangladesh has lots of violation, no vacancy in jobs. Political situation is a very big problem to my country's progress. My county's people are always conflict with their poverty. So we came in America for my children's bright future. When we came to J.F.K. Airport, I saw lots of foreigners. I was so scared because I couldn't speak good English but I was so excited. My brother's friend picked us up. We were so nervous because here everything is different than my country. We were worried about our future. My husband was a banker in my country's bank. For two days we didn't go outside and we thought about our job and own home. We were a paying guest with other families. There was no privacy and the room was a living room. It was very difficult for us. My husband got a delivery job in a restaurant. After one month later, my son and me went back to Bangladesh, because we had a hard time living. My husband didn't go with us. It was so painful to me. After seven months later, my husband got a good room then we came back to America. My neighbor's are very friendly and kind. They never treated us unfairly. Almost eight years we are living in this building. If they are not good we wouldn't be able to live here.

When I see the world is growing up and people going one country to another, that time I feel very good. I hope about world it never stops, it is moving fast and people travel very far distances. I think the world is becoming so small.

My son was born in Bangladesh and my daughter was born in America. When my son was born at that time all my relatives were there but when my daughter was born at that time nobody was there. I was always sad about my husband's job but when I compare it with Bangladeshi money that time I forgot my sadness because $1.00 from America equals $40.00 taka in Bangladesh.

Now 2004 I am a citizen of America. My husband is doing a salesman in a perfume store. When I see we are very poor than other people at that time I thought why I did not finish my graduation. I know it was my big mistake. If I did that I would be in nursing training and I would have a job. I would be helping my husband for my family's development. So now I am doing G.E.D. at LaGuardia Community College in New York. Before September 11, I went everywhere, I didn't feel afraid, but after September 11 I feel scared because one day some student hit me and my daughter. I think my children have been affected by American's culture. Our culture and the culture here are not the same. In schools here, boys and girls are sitting together, but when we were reading in the same school we didn't sit together. When we were teenagers our schools were not the same but here teenagers sit together and they touch each other and feeling sex. They are doing sex everywhere, even TV news and my children are seeing that. Bangladeshi boys and girls didn't sex before married, if they did that they did big sin. America's history has not effected my children because every country's history is the same. I knew this is my home. These are my people... this country is doing part to fulfill our entire dreams. So, I want to die in this country. God bless America, my home sweet home.

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