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Korea to America

Seyean M.
Foothill Middle School, Walnut Creek, CA
Sponsoring Station: KQED, San Francisco

I came from Korea. I was 11 years old when I had to go to the airport. I was very sad. I had to skip the school. I didn't told all my friends I am going to United States.

When I was in air plane I was crying, because my best friend Ji-Eun we met each other when we were 3 years old. first grade Ji-Eun and I were not friend. We didn't talk or play very much, but in second grade she gave me a letter and she said she wanted to be my friend. So now we are best friend even we fought each other a lot. And second reason I cried because I didn't want to leave my country Korea I lived there 11 years. I didn't know very much about Korea, but Korea is place where I was born.

When I first steped in America, I felt exited. Because, now I am going to live in a big, large, and strong place America. I couldn't think anything. Even my friends, school, or my family. Only think I can think of was "How am I going to live here." My family tooked taxi, in SF Air port I saw all different kids stuff. I saw weird buildings, bay bridge, and Golden gate, and all the different cars and most beautiful I saw the Bay. I never say that large Bay.

My first day of school I was very confused because my first day school was Sept. 11, 2001. People were all sad or didn't smile like office people's fake smile. I didn't understand it. I thought "It's just tall buildings why people are so sad? and this is California, and attack happened in New York. It just a buildings." I didn't' thought it was very important building to Americans, the building is for country's people meeting place like presents.

My first class was Art class, Mrs. Seigel. I remember, when I didn't understand something, she always added to me. my second class were P.E. I finally founded Korean friend Jin Kim. We didn't talked very much, but we had some class together. Math, core, and p.e. she helped me a lot, but she had to leave here when it was Feb. 2002. I didn't really miss her because I found two other friend. Misol and Carol. Misol was very kind, funny, cute girl Carol wasn't. She were liyer, and mean so now we don't talk to each other at all, because no reason. I didn't tell her anything in bad way, she told people I said bad word to her. I really don't get Carol Jang.

After school I had to go to synchronized swimming practice one of my reason to come to U.S.A. because "synchro" (short cut name of synchronized swimming). I met one Korean girl there, Deborah. She wasen't good or Korean, but it helped me very much.

After 1 weeks later, I felt so alone, and I felt many missing spot in my side like my best friend, and friend who had supported me. I keep told my parents I wanted go to Korea by tomorrow by my parents said "You have to use to it!!!" after 2 month I fel better. America is good place to live.

Now I don't want to go to Korea and live in Korea. Maybe visit is fine, but people who come from Korea they all says "I don't want to go to Korea or live in Korea. I like America better!" I think they are all lucky because when I was 6th grade we even didn't have ELD class, but some how every day Mrs. Willy came to our school and teach ELD people, but I had to skip class after brunch. In sixgrade I was only one who were in that class. Mrs. Willy and I had so much fun together, we played games, word, we watched movie too the last day in school. I cried during ELD period when we were watching movie. I couldn't stop crying, I was trying to not show Mrs. Willy my tears. It was hard to not see her anymore that night I was pray to God please bless, watch, care, give her strength to her. I was crying too. I miss Mrs. Willy!!

Now I know why people were sad when the tour got break down. Now I know why I felt I wanted to go to Korea, and now I really know America is so nice to every people, because you know why? Because we are family.

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