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America, My Home Essay Contest

America, My Home

Xui Hua Li
Brighton High School, Rochester, NY
Sponsoring Station: WXXI, Rochester, NY

This is a true story about a girl whose name joy. Joy is a girl English name. She was come from china, and she is BHS student. She is in 10`' grade now; she had been living in America about two years. In the America, she had change a lot about her life. She had a plan, for her future, she had nice teachers and friends (people) around her.

Wow, look at her, how lucky and how happiness she is! When I say about her lucky and happiness, I think you will like to ask to me. What doesn't mean when she is in America, she is lucky and happiness, and when she is in china; she never feels lucky and happiness? I will like to say "YES! " I knew one thing that joy loves America is the school and the teachers... you know when she was in china, the teacher in the school was not nice to her, because one thing that in china she will remember all her Iife. Is her math teacher, She said some world to her, "you are a fool girl, your brain is so slow the most slow person in the world I think you need to early get out of the school, or to find a job. Do not stay in the school; you will waste you and my time! "When she finish talking, a huge teardrop was drip down on the ground. That teardrop was from joy's eyes, she was very hurt and she was crying. However, in the twinkling of an eye. She was make a promise to herself, "1 will try my best to study, and I will not let people to scornful at me, you will see... after that, joy is always lonely, no schoolmates want to talk to her, for joy, that was very sad thing for her when she was in china.

All right, now joy is in America, she loves where she is now. Because she had many teachers and friends help her when she needed. I know one thing that joy like about America is that the school class, it was called ESOL; let me explain to you what ESOL mean. " EOSL" mean's English Study Other Language. Which mean is when she and the ESOL teachers were always nice to her and helped her to learn English, and sometime they were talking good to each other. So she was very happy about that. Also She will cherish time, to grasp a good opportunity, doing her best, and try hard to study English. She will seek truth from facts to study and achieve her goal. You know her goal is to become a good nurse, and to contribute at society. She will say to people " sorry I'm not a fool girl, you wrong!"

Ok, did you want to know in the story joy's Chinese name? It's me, xiu hua Li. I'm an important a person who in the story.

Old home of china for me it's like a nightmare.

New home of America for me it's like springs's morning, symbolize hope is coming, start the day fresh.

One more thing, I would like to say " America, I love you! You are my home!"

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