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The Challenge: Make a camera and film

Tips for Doing it Yourself

  • Mounting the film in your castaway camera is perhaps the trickiest part, as it needs to be done with a great deal of care. We suggest that you use standard photographic film (say, 200 ASA) and that you only reveal something like 5cm (2 in.) sections of it at a time.

  • Do bear in mind that shop-bought film is much more sensitive than our castaway film, so try out various exposures, from one second to ten seconds in half-second steps, and then from ten to 60 seconds in five-second steps.

  • Also vary the size of the camera's aperture by placing different sized cut-out holes underneath the lens —from a pinhole to one that's 0.5cm (about 3/16 in.) in diameter.

  • As you expose the film, roll up the used part and cover it with something light-proof. This is really fiddly and requires a lot of patience. Once all the film has been exposed, roll it back into its canister and get it developed — you'll need to warn the developer that some of your photos might not be very good!