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The Challenge: Make fireworks

The Rough Science pyrotechnic team managed to put on a successful firework display of rockets, firecrackers and pinwheels all from a safe distance thanks to Jonathan's detonating device.

Kate detonating a firework

Web Links

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Fireworks: The Science Behind the Spectacle on the ThinkQuest Library of Entries site - this page deals with the physics of aerial shell fireworks.
UK Firework Review - for UK firework enthusiasts with firework reviews, pictures and video.
How Rocket Engines Work from the How Stuff Works site - explains how a rocket engine works.
Links page, Radical Backyard Science ideas on the How to Build a Water Rocket site - links to sites giving information about water rockets.
Model and High Power Rocketry by Don Irving on the Irving Family website - pages about all types of rockets, from the smallest to the larges built by hobbyists.
The Chemistry of Firework Colours on the About.com site - explains about how the colours of fireworks are created - a marriage of art and science.


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