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The Challenge: Make distilled water from seawater using solar power

On our tropical island close to the equator, both seawater and sunlight were in abundance. But how could we capture the maximum amount of energy from the sun while accommodating for the sunís movement across the sky?

All power is solar power

Apart from the tiny lights from twinkling stars, all the energy we have on earth ultimately has come from the sun. Even the wood and coal we burn to give us heat was made originally made by organic processes that depended on light and heat from the sun.

The atmosphere of the earth absorbs some of the energy and the more air the sunís rays have to travel through to get to the earthís surface, the weaker they become. When the sun is high in summer and travels through less air it appears stronger and heats more, while in winter the sun is low and much of the energy is absorbed.

Energy travelling from the Sun to the Earth