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The Challenge: Build accurate clocks

Mike and his watchHow was the portable clock made?

Making a portable clock or wrist watch, with no small springs, no battery and no precision tools ruled out making a mechanical clock, so we opted for a mini-sundial. To make sure that the sundial wristwatch was accurate, the gnomon had to point at the correct angle. This meant that the wristwatch had to be kept level using a plumb line or spirit level. The gnomon also had to face north so a compass was needed.

Roll up Mike Leahy's 'compact two-piece time-piece': a ridiculous contraption that looked like a miniature radar station. Amazingly, it worked, and even more incredible is the fact that during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries people actually used to carry portable sundials around, complete with compasses — and they're still made in India! No doubt they looked a little smarter than the Rough Science creation though!

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