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Ellen McCallie's Diary

Day 16: Waterproof Tent

Photo: Ellen burning punga tree fernAll during dinner tonight, Pippa, the assistant producer asked Jonathan, Kathy and I about what we thought the Mikes were doing, how we thought they were getting along, and did we want to be with them. Actually, we're all outdoors people, so Kathy, Jonathan and I would have liked to be up the mountain too, albeit in a better tent.

I finished making a bit of rope this morning. After that I burned the punga tree fern aerial roots from the last program's mechanical gold panning device and panned the ashes for gold. None — well okay, three tiny flakes. This, combined with the fact that they got so much gold out of the top of the device, means that the device worked really well and there wasn't a need for the punga. Hoorah! We're improving.

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Photo: Ellen McCallie
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