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Jonahan Hare's Diary


The Flight from Heathrow to LA went OK but as expected the delays at LA were long.

Eventually we made it through the security and back onto the same plane to continue our flight to Auckland. The trip over was good and I think everyone got some sleep (apart from Mike B he told me). It was Mike L's birthday and perhaps his longest or shortest as we never worked out exactly when his birthday actually started and finished on the long flight with the various time zones etc. Anyway, the very kind flight staff made him up a cake to celebrate.

Photo: glacier and riverThe next step to transfer from Auckland International to the Auckland internal to catch the flight to Christchurch was not so straightforward. We get into Auckland in good time but it takes ages to get through Customs. Then it took ages to get all the TV gear and bags together for the Customs check for the internal flight. We finally got the gear together to be told that we were too late to check them in to be transferred to the internal airport and that we had to make the journey with them by ourselves. Only a km!! The stars were out and I get my first glimpse of the winter constellation of Orion upside down in the dark Southern Skies. We hurtle down to the airport, bags coming off every so often along the way! Slightly mad, almost hysterical, early morning dash. Not everyone finds it a laugh though! Just make it to the airport in time (not sure if they would have waited for us ...)

Make it to the hotel in Christchurch at about 9 am but our rooms were not ready yet, so we had to wait a little. Very tired.... Derek and I were the last to get a room. Phone Sarah (girlfriend) to let her know I had got in OK to NZ and the hotel. Have 1½ hour's sleep. Then wander around Christchurch recalling things I had seen the last time I was here with Sarah about 4 years ago. Wish she were here. Write a card and post it and start to write this diary.

Photo: Jonathan Hare
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