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Jonahan Hare's Diary

Photo: glacierDay 3: Rest Day

The trip over from Christchurch to Franz Josef was wonderful. The weather was cold and bleak when we left Christchurch early in the morning. But as we started to climb to the foothills of the Alps so the weather improved till at Arthur's Pass (the watershed) the clouds dispersed and we had a drive of a lifetime.

Vast vistas of snow capped peaks, green verdant bushy covered slopes and blue skies setting off the scene. Saw places that Sarah and I had been to on our last trip over. Although I awoke at 3 am this morning and despite the gentle rocking of the bus I never once felt like dropping off to sleep, the views were so inspiring.

Get to Franz Josef at about 4 pm and check into the lodges. Our rooms were brand new accommodation in a wonderful location nestled in a forest of ferns under snow-capped mountains. They were still working on the room electrics and telephones when we moved in, they were literally that new!

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Photo: Jonathan Hare
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