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Jonahan Hare's Diary

Photo: landscapeDay 4: Rest Day

I awake at 3 am (again!). Still it's only the 1st day and we haven't started to get going yet.

Met Sophie and Martin last night, the two directors, and also Pippa who will be directing/filming us when we have the evening meals. Didn't get to talk to Martin much but Pippa and Sophie seem very open and friendly.

Kathy pops round to plug in her mobile phone into one of my adaptors. Go off and walk up the Glacier Road with her to check it out. This is nice and helps to make me feel more at home as we chat about things. Meet up with a lot of the group for lunch and some decide to go off kayaking while others horse riding. I chose the latter .

Horse riding was really great! Pippa, Kate and I took the horses out with a guide and we slowly ambled along against a backdrop of golden-lit, green vegetation on the slopes of gorgeous mountains, their snow-covered peaks glistening in the bright winter sunshine. This has now lifted my blues completely and I feel very excited and happy to be here.

Phone Sarah in the morning and it was lovely to hear her voice. This lifted my spirits a lot, but it did remind me I was on the other side of the world.

In the evening we all meet up for a chat about the days to come. With some wine and crisps we talk about the filming days and the format for the evening filming where we have a Maori chief called Ricky to cook for us.

What a day!!

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Photo: Jonathan Hare
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