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Jonahan Hare's Diary

Day 5: Rest Day

Awake at 4 am this morning which although is still early is not too bad a time for my body clock to adjust too. Last night was great. Went out with the crowd and ended up drinking a few glasses of wine with the two Mikes till about 11.30 pm, even so I awake this morning, amazingly wide awake at 4 am!

Photo: glacierAt 6 am I do some meditation; the stars of the Southern Hemisphere Constellations glimmering in the night air, a thick frost all around outside. By 8.30 the sun was up, and I had an amazing view from my balcony of the near foothills of the Franz Josef Glacier peaks all covered in snow and glowing in the morning sunshine.

Join up with the two Mikes to walk up to see views of the base of the Glacier from Sentinel Point - wonderful views of the moraine and the Glacier rising up to the mountains.

In the afternoon Kathy, Derek, Ellen, Sandra and I take the Terrace Walk track through the Jurassic-looking woods and follow the Glacier River up a nearby hill for some amazing views.

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Photo: Jonathan Hare
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