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Jonahan Hare's Diary

Day 8: Metal Detector

Photo: testing out the metal detectorWe all go down to the gold panning river to join the rest of the team and help out with the panning in very wet and foul weather. Film with Kate with the metal detector by the waterside, although this is not the best place for a metal detector as only small dust particles of gold make it down to the river. Higher up in the mountains would be more appropriate as there are likely to be larger lumps perhaps embedded in a quartz vein. All goes well though, but just to add a nice cheesy moment they film me uncovering an old tin can (found by the metal detector of course) by the riverbank. Pick it up and with a sheepish grin I "realise" it's not gold!

In the afternoon we head back to the sawmill and as my bit is essentially done I help out the others. Join Ellen to burn the punga wood. Also time to spend with Ellen so I can catch up with what she has been doing over the last year since Rough Science 2.

Ellen and I set up a fire with Mike B and we soak the punga in kerosene and get a good blaze going. Some big eruptions as we add the odd glassfull of kerosene to the fire! Nice to spend some time with Ellen by the warmth of the fire.

Photo: Jonathan with metal detectorMeanwhile the crew were setting up for the final shot of the first programme - a big moment and all rather exciting. We all clustered together by Kathy's balance looking on while she made the various measurements to weigh the gold. As this was going on Mike B came over with the gold. Kathy measured the gold and got a spot-on result compared to a digital balance to compare which was great! It's very difficult to guess the weight of gold when you are used to "normal" things that weigh a good deal less. We were all asked to guess the weight and I said 0.5g, which was a guess. I think Mike B was a little disappointed with me, and I think he thought I was suggesting that they hadn't managed to get much gold!

Party that night at the local pub and dancing at John and Derek's!!

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Photo: Jonathan Hare
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