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Jonahan Hare's Diary

Rest Day

We are now halfway through the filming and have a 4 day break. I am split as to what to do. Some of us are going off skiing in the mountains, others going off down to the south of the Island to the fiord land. What should I do? Well I set my heart on learning about jade carving last time I was in New Zealand so I really wanted to go off to the jade carving centres and get some jade to take home. So I head off to Hokiteka (called Hoki by the locals) about 100 miles to the north of Franz Josef.

Now writing this after eating in Café de Paris in Hoki. I am in a good mood and taking in everything. Staying in a delightful B&B opposite the Museum in this compact little town (Teichelmann's B&B). It is the old doctor's house and run by two very friendly and kind people. Much better than the various motels in town.

Left Franz Josef about 9:30 in the morning. I had called in on the two Mikes to see if they wanted to get some breakfast but they had had a late night before and so I went on my own. While I was sitting in the coach waiting to leave they came past and banged on the window. The coach was packed and it was quite nice to have some people to say bye to me. The Mikes pawed at the window jokingly pleading with me to stay and Mike B wishing me a good trip. They go off to the café to get some breakfast and while I am sitting there surrounded by other travellers Mike L does a mooney from the café window!! There are no words.. No words ..

Went round the jade centres in Hoki. I was hoping that I might get to go up a river and find my own but the rock is actually very difficult to spot and one can only really tell it by cutting the boulders open. After talking to a few of the jade carvers in the workshops in Hokitika I learnt a lot about this amazing rock. Took some good photos and managed to get some rough-cut sawn jade samples that I can work on when I get home.

Brought some bone and jade carving books in Hokitik and also a little treasure ‘Live to Paint & Paint to Live' by a New Zealand artist Rita Angus. Very inspiring book and just perfect for reading in the evenings.

Went onto the beach today. All the houses tend to look toward the Alps' range that runs to the other side of the town to the beach. It's as though the people have forgotten about the beach!

The beach is very simple and an almost forgotten part of town. The sea roars - that immense surf wall - not loud but immense all the same.

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Photo: Jonathan Hare
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