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Kathy Sykes' Diary

Day 7: Accurate Weighing Balance

Lovely, peaceful day pottering about in old sawmill.

Photo: Kathy with balanceChanged from metal balance to a wooden one it's so much better. It's so long - the errors will be much smaller. I've been able to write the lengths on it directly. And it doesn't bend with the weight of the 500g sugar bag - so I can use reasonable distances from the pivot point - and still get the bag balanced.

Don't think we need to check it in Mike's sugar tube method this will be so much more accurate. It was good woke about half hour before alarm went off. A fine time of day to be creative. Mike was carted off to the river to help. I was very happy finishing challenge off. With my new balance - I compared 500g of sugar in some nails (yes the nails I painstakingly counted yesterday). So - I was able to work out exactly how much each nail should weigh (on average).

Photo: KathySo then I took 10 nails to find how long a piece of wire I needed to balance against them. It was like a dream 10 nails were 3850 mg which needed 154 cm wire to balance, so 1 mg wire = 154 cm over 3850 and 10 mg wire would be 1540 over 3850 - which is EXACTLY 0.4 cm. Seemed pure fluke that it comes out so exact. But more possibly is a particular mass per just length (ie, 2.5 g/m in this case!). Very excited

Nice way to finish off day feeling in control - and that a very good balance would be possible.. But I have completely surprised myself. I hate worrying about detailed nonsense. Hate having to check, recheck, check again . I know you often have to be as a security measure but I always make sure I look at areas where attention to detail isn't necessary. It's NOT my strength. Give me big picture any day (and EVERY day).

But - I have loved doing this. I guess 3 days in a lifetime isn't too much commitment but it's been a delight!

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Photo: Kathy Sykes
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