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Kathy Sykes' Diary

Day 8: Accurate Weighing Balance

Began today with a bizarre dream... I was in a boat, deep sea fishing. I caught a BIG shark that I refused to let go... but it was so strong it whipped me out of the boat, into the sea, and dragged me - via the fishing line and rod - through the ocean. It was quite a nice feeling - exciting. Fast and quite warm. But clearly quite scary too. I woke thinking I should really perhaps let go of the line - but where would that leave me? At least this way - I knew the shark was in front!

Wonder if this is partly a picture of what happens here. Once we're here there's NO advice. We're following a 6 week course. We don't know how hard it will be - only that it will be hard. And you mustn't let go!

Photo: Kathy helping at riverBut a fab day. Well... quite fab. Spent morning at river helping Mike and Ellen. Rained relentlessly. Cold. HARD work. I seem to have a bad back after over-zealous jogging and 27 hour journey to NZ. So digging heavy piles of rock; lifting buckets of water and pouring and pushing and sawing and carrying … was hard and painful. And Mike and Ellen have done this for 2 days already! Poor, poor things!

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Had a go at panning... and got NOTHING. Such a huge faith thing … will there be ANY gold trapped in the punga wood. A very welcome lunch of venison burger and vegetable Moroccan pie. Got v.v. cold - only in t-shirt and wet - un-waterproof - Gore-Tex … warm clothes in van but the van is off in some other place. Didn't want to whinge - but so, so, so cold.

Photo: group at scalesBack to the sawmill. I had to get back to finishing balance. Began getting quite nervous as we approached the time for weighing … Finally got the gold … (NOT 5g or 20g! Or even a kg!) …And, tensely, I found it to be 0.55g - probably realistically 0.52 - 0.58 (or REALLY 0.4 - 0.6g). Kate measured it as 0.5g!

And I was MIND blown by J's metal detector. Great challenge!

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Photo: Kathy Sykes
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