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Kathy Sykes' Diary

Day 10: Auto Panning System

GLORIOUS day. Sun shining all day - and amazing progress by us all. Began in a frosty start - every surface, every leaf and blade of grass coated in a sparkly, rainbow of ice crystals. Insanely pretty. Challenges - Mike B has an old sheep to make lanolin out of. Ellen - has to use plants to tell us when the last big earthquake happened - to the YEAR. And Mike and Jonathan and I have to make a BETTER way of getting gold - more automated.

Photo: Kathy, Jonathan and Mike L discuss the challengeBrainstormed in sun. Mike L seems keen to quickly reach decisions. Jonathan and I are more keen to explore all possibilities then decide. But it worked. All agreed a sensible way forward. J to build a waterwheel. Mike and me to bash together a ‘box' - a cradle. Mike is so fast at doing things. Desperately careful - but fast. I'm impressed. I spend more time thinking and planning - and sometimes it feels great just to get on and DO. But funny, at home, in my work, if anything I'm more inclined to get on and do it other than plan and think. I guess I'm not so used to building bits of mechanical stuff, so unfortunately makes a difference (and my projects at home are quite, quite different).

Photo: Jonathan making  the wheelAnyway, we made great progress - Mike and I made a big, rocky cradle that we're both quite proud of. Jonathan made a beautiful waterwheel, with adjustable height, so we can change it and accurately measure how deep the river is.

The sunset at the sawmill was amazing. The snow caps of the mountains goes an astonishing, shocking pink. It's because of the sunset light being reflected in the sea, apparently. It's just amazing. We're so lucky to be here - surrounded by amazing mountains and mad cloud formations and able to breathe in the clear, crisp air. Every time you look up from sawing or hammering - the view shocks you again. And - sawing is a JOY this time. A power saw … very exciting - can hack wood up ridiculously quickly - and it's such fun. Must get one!

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Photo: Kathy Sykes
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