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The Scientists

Meet the scientists taking this series' Rough Science challenges, and read the inside stories of the challenges in their diaries.

If you've followed previous series, most of the team will be familiar to you, but for series four Rough Science welcomes geologist Iain Stewart.

Ellen McCallie
Ellen McCallie is a Botanist and a graduate student in the Department of Education at Washington University in St. Louis. She is working on a doctorate in science education with a fellowship from the Centers for Learning and Teaching program of the National Science Foundation.
Iain Stewart is the "new boy" on his first Rough Science mission. Back home, he's a geologist at Glasgow University.
Jonathan Hare is a physicist with the University of Sussex, currently running their Creative Science Centre.
Kathy Sykes
Physicist Kathy Sykes holds the Collier Chair as Professor of Public Understanding of Science at Bristol University. This is her third Rough Science project.
Mike Bullivant
A chemist by training, Mike Bullivant splits his time between being Course Manager in the Chemistry Department at the Open University and presenting work across a variety of media. This is his fourth time taking up the Rough Science Challenge.

Kate Humble

There's one more member of the team — Kate Humble, our host. Read her Introduction to the series.