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The Geography of Hope


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Final Vision

THE WEST The Geography of Hope

Final Vision

In 1885, another mythic figure of the American West -- Sitting Bull -- joined Cody's show. Billed as "the slayer of General Custer," he earned $50 a week, plus the profits from the sale of his autograph, for riding once around the arena at every performance. Touring from city to city, Sitting Bull saw another side of American life -- and of his own life as well.

N. Scott Momaday"I think he was probably in turns amused and humiliated by the experience. This was so much unlike the reality that he had lived as a young man, and yet it was a bizarre reflection of that reality too. So he must have seen his experience from a different angle when he was in the Wild West Show."
N. Scott Momaday

Sitting Bull left the Wild West show after only four months, having given much of his pay to newsboys, hoboes and beggars -- destitutes for whom white America seemed inexplicably to feel no compassion. He returned to his home at Standing Rock Reservation, and there had another of his mystical visions, like the ones that had foretold his people’s victories in 1876.

Tipis in SunsetThis time he saw himself walking near his home when a meadowlark fluttered down onto a little hillock and spoke to him: “Your own people, Lakota, will kill you,” it said.

Sitting Bull knew that his visions had always proved true before.

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