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Mark Twain The Eleventh Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize celebrating the life and humor of George Carlin
Mark Twain
About the Show
Recipient George Carlin
All-Star Cast
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Production Staff for Television Broadcast

Executive Producers

Bob Kaminsky, Peter Kaminsky, Mark Krantz, Michael Kaiser, Cappy McGarr


Linda Mendoza


Allen Kelman

Supervising Producer

Michael B. Matuza

Coordinating Producer

Alvin I. Calo

Line Producer

Tina Magnuson

Content Producer

Marion Rosenfeld

Associate Content Producer

Lucy Kaminsky

Talent Executive

David Paley


Peter Kaminsky, Bob Kaminsky

Script Supervisor

Michelle Hall

Script Assistants

Milo Kaminsky, Katie Ringenberg

Associate Directors

Kelly Hernacki, Dora Mendoza

Creative Consultants

Larry Amoros, Murray Horwitz

Production Designer

Mitchell Greenberg

Lighting Designer

Alan Adelman

Graphic Design

Beehive, NYC

Sound Design

Rich Goldman/ Dan Silver/ RipTide Music

Production Supervisor

Diana Barton

Post Production Supervisor

Kelly Hernacki

Production Coordinator

Kathleen Hipp

Production Associates

Kelly Kowalski, Caleb Larson

Talent Producer

Mark Krantz Productions

Talent Manager

Cat Del Buono

Public Relations

Jennifer Lerner

Stage Managers

Arthur Lewis, Mark McKenna, Lou Moore

Technical Director

Sandor Bondorowsky


Steve Cochrane

Vari*Lite Programmer

Rich Tyndall

Vari*Lite Tech

Henry Parks

Audio Supervisor

Jeff Shaw

Audio Mixer

Al Centrella

Audio Assistants

Garth “Gaff” Michaels, Bryan Leskowicz, Jeff Briggette


Barbara Byrne, Manny Gutierrez, John Meiklejohn, Helene Havilland, Lyn Noland, Dave Smith, Mark Whitman

Video Engineer

Abby Levine

Profile Operator

John Nash

Tape Operator

Sean O’Connell


James O’Brien

Teleprompter Assistant

Donna Puntolillo

Legal Counsel

Jeffrey A. Greenberg, Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP,
Joan Pattarozzi, Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP

Cracked Ice

Crispin Cioe – Music Director/Saxophone, Charlie Giordano – Keyboards, John Putnam – Guitar, Ivan Bodley – Bass, Robin Gould – Drums, Susan Didrichsen – Vocals, Brent Carter – Vocals; Plus: Larry Etkin – Trumpet, Bob Funk – Trombone

For the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


Robert C. Pullen


Marie Mattson, Donna James

Special Events

Leslie Miller, Katherine Koecheler, Wendy Catbagan


Mickey Berra

Institutional Affairs

Ann Stock


John Dow, Amanda Hunter

Concert Hall

William Foster

For WETA Washington, D.C.

Executive Producers

Dalton Delan, David S. Thompson

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