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Can Obama Overcome Job Numbers -- and History?

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When 8.3 percent of Americans are unemployed and an election is a little over three months away, it's a flat-out certainty that President Obama is going to have to defy some historical assumptions to find a path to victory.

Lost on the Campaign Trail: A Real Jobs Debate

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In January 2001, Bill Clinton’s final month in office, 132.4 million Americans were employed. Eleven years and six months later, that number has grown … all the way to 133 million. A whopping 600,000 more Americans have jobs today than at the dawn of the 21st Century.

President Again Blasts Tax Proposal of Romney’s

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President Obama on Thursday continued his swing-state offensive against Mitt Romney’s tax-cut plans, deriding them as a boon to the rich at the expense of everyone else — “trickle-down tax-cut fairy dust,” he called them at a college here.

Obama Brings "Middle Class'' Tour to Nation's Richest County

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President Obama brings his "middle class tax relief'' tour Thursday to Leesburg, VA., -- which sits in the richest county in the country.  Loudon County's official web site notes its median income of $119,540 is "#1 ranked in the USA

Ad Watch: Obama Campaign Seeks to Recast Romney as Tax Raiser

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The Obama campaign is wasting no time getting an ad on the air touting a new study showing that Mitt Romney’s plans would mean additional large tax cuts for millionaires at the expense of other Americans.

Deciding the undecideds: Tough for Obama, Romney

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Undecided voters in swing states hold the key to the presidential election, but neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama has an easy recipe for winning them over.

Still Waters

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A lot has happened, but nothing has changed. This, believe it or not, is what passes for searing insight into the race for the White House from the top advisers to President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Obama Says Romney’s Tax Plan Favors Wealthy Only

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AKRON, Ohio — President Obama assailed Mitt Romney for “top-down economics” in his ninth trip this year to this battleground state, brandishing a new study showing that Mr. Romney’s plans would mean additional large tax cuts for millionaires at the expense of other Americans.

Political Perceptions: Stepping Up to the Cliff

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This is what fiscal paralysis looks like. The U.S. government, the White House projected last week, will run a deficit of $1.2 trillion or 7.8% of the gross domestic product in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

May 04, 2012

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The U.S. and China continue to negotiate over activist Chen Guangcheng's travel to America. Plus, President Obama visited Afghanistan on the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death. Also, new unemployment numbers and the 2012 presidential race. Joining Gwen: Martha Raddatz, ABC News; Peter Baker, New York Times; David Wessel, Wall Street Journal; Charles Babington, Associated Press.