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August 2, 2013

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As Congress prepares to start its month-long August recess, it is on track to being the least productive in history. What will it take to get the White House and Congress to break through the Washington gridlock? Joining Gwen: Dan Balz, Washington Post; Jackie Calmes, The New York Times and John Dickerson, Slate Magazine and CBS News.

In the Webcast Extra, Dan Balz discusses the behind the scenes maneuvering he writes about in his new book, Collision 2012. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and the Republican Primary feature. 

Early Voters, and a Hurricane, Change the Rhythm of the Campaign

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With more than one in three votes likely to be cast before Election Day this year, Republicans are stepping up their efforts to chip away at what has been a Democratic advantage in early voting in vital battlegrounds like Ohio and North Carolina.

Obama, Romney respond to Hurricane Sandy, as it upends campaign plans

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Hurricane Sandy upended the closely fought presidential campaign Monday, canceling some early voting and disrupting campaign events in battleground states a week before Election Day.

Mother Nature Plays Politics

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Hurricane Sandy has interrupted the campaign, which makes her the most important woman in the swing states.

Obama, Romney Focus on Sandy: Election? What Election?

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Hurricane Sandy is injecting a tropical storm-sized dose of volatility into an already unpredictable presidential race, potentially crimping Republican Mitt Romney’s post-debate momentum and President Obama’s much-hyped early-vote operation.

Obama hopes Nevada turnout team trumps bad economy

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It's people like Paul Prekop who make Nevada a maddeningly difficult state for President Barack Obama to lock down, and who give Republican Mitt Romney hope that there's a route to the White House even if he loses the big prize of Ohio.

Romney's team prepares for Obama, too

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As Mitt Romney prepares for Republican contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, his aides have been traveling the country filming stories for the battle they hope will follow against President Obama, spotlighting unemployed Americans who have given up on hope and change.

Romney campaign: Obama has "Mitt-obsession"

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Mitt Romney can’t exactly say himself that his path to the Republican nomination seems inevitable. So his campaign is phrasing it another way: Obama and the Democrats are singularly focused, to the point of obsession, on Mitt Romney, to the absolute exclusion of every other candidate in the race.

Justices' review of health care law adds to election tumult

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The Supreme Court's announcement Monday that it will hear challenges to the Obama-sponsored health care law opens the most important chapter in the legal battle over the law, amid the tumult of election-year politics.

Supreme Court to hear dispute on health care law

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The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear a dispute testing the constitutionality of the Obama-sponsored health care overhaul, a move that opens the most important chapter in the legal battle over the law.