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July 26, 2013

Weekly Show

Obama pledged to focus on the economy and helping working-class Americans, the Justice Department's strategy to challenge discriminatory voting laws, the latest on Edward Snowden, and Anthony Weiner's choice to stay in the New York City mayoral race. Joining NBC News’ Pete Williams: John Harwood, CNBC and New York Times; Carrie Johnson, NPR; Martha Raddatz, ABC News; Molly Ball, The Atlantic.

July 12, 2013

Weekly Show

The Obama administration's attempt to navigate a diplomatic tightrope in Egypt, efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the House, growing restrictive state abortion laws, and redemption after political sex scandals. Joining Gwen: Alan Gomez, USA Today; Karen Tumulty, Washington Post; Peter Baker, New York Times; and Beth Reinhard, National Journal.

In the Webcast Extra, our panelists discuss what Rick Perry and Janet Napolitano’s resignations mean and why they left, give us an update on the Snowden affair and discuss the scandal-ridden Virginia gubernatorial race

Under the Big Top- Part II: Enough about me. What do you think?

Gwen's Take

I promised myself not to have anything more to say about the Anthony Weiner circus. Then I remembered what I promised at the end of last week’s blog – to hear you out.

So here is a selection of some of your responses to the seedy scandal that transfixed Washington and cheered professional and amateur comics.

In reading them, I was reminded how smart and reasoned our viewers are. Even on a story that has been covered as obsessively as this one, they added something new to the conversation.

October 6, 2006

Vault Show

In the Vault this week, some parallels between embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) situation and that of Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) who resigned his seat in September 2006 after revelations he sent sexually explicit messages to an underage house page.  Republicans lost the House and the Senate in the mid-term elections just five weeks later.

On the Radar: June 13, 2011

Legacy: On The Radar

Under the Big Top

Gwen's Take

Washington Follies: June edition

This was a tough week to be a news snob.

I could blame Anthony Weiner, the New York Congressman whose spectacular, Twitter-fueled political implosion was impossible to ignore.

I could blame the cable networks, who, absent the Weiner story, had little else to fill 24 hours with, aside from fires and the Casey Anthony trial.

On the Radar: June 8, 2011

Legacy: On The Radar

On the Radar: June 7, 2011

Legacy: On The Radar