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Romney Supporters Applaud His Remark on Firing People

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There appears to be least one voting bloc that doesn’t care whether Mitt Romney has ever really feared a pink slip or actually likes firing people: Romney supporters. Mr. Romney spent most of Monday defending his brand of capitalism after Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman piled on the former governor for appearing out-of-touch. But his backers offered a variety of reasons for why the attacks fell flat.
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Gingrich Sheds Doubt on Romney’s Business Past

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Newt Gingrich raised questions about Mitt Romney’s private sector past at two back-to-back debates over the weekend in New Hampshire, returning to an allegation he made last month that Mitt Romney made a fortune at Bain by “bankrupting companies and laying off employees.” A new report by the New York Times, Gingrich said, showed that Bain, the private equity firm co-founded by Romney, had “looted” one particular company (although it turns out he was actually referring to a Reuters story, written by Andy Sullivan and Greg Roumeliotis, about Bain’s investme