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PBS NewsHour: Civil Rights Luminary Dorothy Height Dies at 98

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April 20, 2010

Gwen Ifill remembers civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height, who was a leader in both the African-American and women's rights movements. She died Tuesday at age 98.

Remembering Dorothy Height

Gwen's Take

I was always thoroughly intimidated in Dorothy Height's presence.

It's not because she was regal or holier-than-thou. It's that she was neither of those things. And somehow, she should have been. Could easily have been.

PBS NewsHour: Gwen Interviews Dr. Dorothy Height (2003)

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 July 17, 2003

Gwen Ifill talks with Dorothy Height, a legend of the civil rights movement and former head of the National Council of Negro Women, about her memoir, Open Wide the Freedom Gates.