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Obama Pushes Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

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One of Secretary of State John Kerry's priorities during his tenure has been to pursue a new peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, and now as a new wave of violence and rocket attacks has risen up between Israel and Gaza, Kerry is considering a trip to the Middle East to pursue a cease-fire. But this isn't the first time the United States has tried to end the conflict.

Middle East Peace Talks in 2000

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As hostility mounts in the Middle East, the United States must once again consider what role to play in preserving the peace.  U.S. presidents have a long history of intervening in Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Dearth of Civility in the Public Square

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Flash back with me to sixth grade recess. A bit of taunting that turns into a little shoving and trash talking. Next thing you know, a circle of children are egging each other you on, chanting: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

What choice did you have but to fight? It wasn’t a very civil thing to do, but this was elementary school.

Now, we live in a world of sixth grade taunting everywhere we look, where disagreements are settled on the playground of dueling campaign appearances and pundit-driven cable television debates.

U.S., Pakistan offer different versions of attack on border post

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Tension between Pakistan and the United States over a U.S. air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers grew Sunday as the two sides offered widely disparate accounts of what might have taken place. NATO officials said Afghan and U.S. troops operating inside Afghanistan early Saturday had been fired on from the Pakistani side of the border and had requested close air support to help defend themselves. What happened next is still under investigation, officials said.