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Obama Push on Oil Markets Seen as More Political Than Practical

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Under continued attack from Republicans for high oil and gasoline prices, President Obama unveiled on Tuesday a slate of measures to crack down on financial speculation in energy-futures trading, which Democrats say helps drive up prices. But while a Rose Garden announcement gave the president a platform to be seen calling for action on fuel prices, it’s not clear whether financial speculation is even a major contributor to oil and gasoline prices—or whether the administration’s proposals could have any real impact on the price at the pump.

Romney's Evolution on Women: How Deep Does It Go?

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Mitt Romney has a picture-perfect 42-year marriage, a solid record of naming women to his teams, and a good case to make that he has evolved with the times when it comes to the role of women. It’s his role as a Mormon church leader that could give some women pause and prove challenging if he wins the Republican nomination and must compete with President Obama.
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It's On to South Carolina for 'Kamikaze Newt'

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Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign may be going down in flames, but he’s determined to burn GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney as badly as he can before the crash. He could singe his future standing within his own party while he’s at it. The former House speaker is projected to finish a dismal fourth or fifth in Tuesday night's New Hampshire GOP primary, following his disappointing fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses a week ago.

EPA Approves Sweeping Mercury Rules for Power Plants

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Addressing a long-standing environmental problem with a major impact on public health, the Obama administration on Friday signed landmark regulations to control mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants, sources familiar with the rulemaking have told National Journal. The Environmental Protection Agency plans to unveil the rules early next week, the sources said.

Living Wage

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What’s the value of a human life? That would be $9.1 million, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA uses that figure, derived from a hefty body of economic research, to weigh the costs and benefits of new pollution rules slashing coal-plant emissions of mercury, soot, arsenic, and other toxins. Those regulations, of course, are now the target of an all-out assault by Republicans and the coal industries.

April 22, 2011

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With gas prices on the rise, an S&P report lowering America's credit outlook, continuing debate over the deficit and a stalemate in Libya, President Obama’s approval numbers have declined just at the moment he launched his reelection campaign.  Joining Gwen tonight: David Wessel/Wall Street Journal; Coral Davenport/ National Journal; Dan Balz/ Washington Post and Martha Raddatz/ABC News.