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Dearth of Civility in the Public Square

Gwen's Take

Flash back with me to sixth grade recess. A bit of taunting that turns into a little shoving and trash talking. Next thing you know, a circle of children are egging each other you on, chanting: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

What choice did you have but to fight? It wasn’t a very civil thing to do, but this was elementary school.

Now, we live in a world of sixth grade taunting everywhere we look, where disagreements are settled on the playground of dueling campaign appearances and pundit-driven cable television debates.

What’s Next---5 Questions Answered

Gwen's Take

Right after the polls closed Tuesday night and Mitt Romney had been declared the winner of the Florida primary, Syndicated Columnists and PBS NewsHour contributors David Brooks, Mark Shields and I looked at each other and sighed.

As we prepared for the NewsHour’s 11 p.m. politics special, would we have anything left to say?

Turns out we had plenty.

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PBS NewsHour: Reflections on Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Victory

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