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Mitt Romney Wins the Republican Nomination!

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Yesterday Mitt Romney crossed the magic threshold of 1,144—the number of delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination. You didn't think you needed a yawn, but there … I've given you a chance to open wide. This is a news-free event—we’ve known Romney has had it locked up for weeks—but there was a time when this was not considered such an eventuality. Not long ago, who would win the Republican nomination was a hotly contested question, an object of intense speculation, theorizing, and sharp retorts. But then everything fell into place.

Cost-Per-Delegate Madness: Paul Spent $496,000

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In honor of budget week and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., endorsing GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, I decided to run some numbers. Not budget numbers, everyone has done that this week. These are numbers on what's been spent for the two most important commodities in a nominating contest: votes and delegates. And if Supreme Court justices can be cheeky and snarky in oral arguments, why can't I be a bit cheeky at this stage of the GOP primary?
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Santorum Defies Mounting Pressure to Bow Out

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“I’m not talking about this anymore,” Rick Santorum said here Sunday outside the Riverside Brewery and Restaurant before a gaggle of cameras and reporters. “We’re just focused on doing well here in Wisconsin.” What Santorum doesn’t want to talk about is what so many others want to talk about, which is how long he will stay in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination. He is confronted by that question at almost every stop along the campaign trail and in every television interview he gives. He’s tired of it.

Santorum Vows to Stay in Race

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Rick Santorum insisted Sunday that he would remain in the Republican presidential race for the long haul, defying mounting pressure from party elders to coalesce around front-runner Mitt Romney and focus on the fall contest against President Obama. Santorum vowed to stay in the race until it is clear that the former Massachusetts governor has secured the 1,144 delegates required for the nomination, something that is unlikely until just about the end of the primaries in June.

Santorum Faces Brutal April, Slim Hope for May

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For Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, it is shaping up to be a cold and lonely spring. Trailing Mitt Romney in the polls, the conservative former senator is pinning his slim hopes on surviving difficult primary votes in April that favor his rival, and then trying to recover in May when the calendar looks better for him.
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Santorum Ignores Pressure to Bow Out to Romney

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Mitt Romney remains his biggest foe, but Rick Santorum is increasingly confronting an even more daunting obstacle: a rising chorus of Republicans calling for the divisive presidential contest to end so the party can turn its full attention to defeating President Obama.
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Above the Rules

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Now let us talk of Republican National Committee rule No. 40(b). Must we? I'm afraid we must, my friend, they’re printing stories in the press. Some believe it to be a hurdle to Newt Gingrich's march to the nomination. You mean the one where he keeps losing but at the Republican Convention is held aloft by 1,144 delegates as the one true nominee? The very same, my friend.

Illinois Next Crucial Stop in GOP Race

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The Republican presidential hopefuls continue to stump for support. CBS News political director John Dickerson talked about delegate math with "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Rebecca Jarvis, ahead of Tuesday's key contest in Illinois.

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Politics By The Numbers: Countdown to Chaos

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Almost every Tuesday night this year, political junkies everywhere have gathered by the flickering light of their computer screens. We have pored over exit polls, tallied the minutes until results came in from Vermont to Hawaii and crunched delegate allocations.

Invariably, we wake Wednesday morning at least as confused as we were the day before.

Time and Math Work Against Santorum's White House Bid

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Rick Santorum is winning the hearts of Republican conservatives but the cold realities of time and math are working against his presidential election effort. Santorum effectively became the only conservative challenger to Mitt Romney left standing when he narrowly won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday, as good as ending Newt Gingrich's presidential ambitions.
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