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Democrats outline convention schedule

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Just when it seemed as if there could not possibly be any more red, white and blue speeches ringing across the airways from the convention floor, the Democrats are unveiling their counterpunch to the Republican show that has been under way all week in Tampa.

Women's roles: Sizing up the GOP, Dem conventions

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In a presidential election in which female voters are expected to play an outsize role in picking the winner, one of the curiosities at the Tampa and Charlotte conventions will be how the parties feature women and contrast their issues at the two heavily scripted events.

Democrats Shorten Convention to Three Days

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Votes in the South may be in doubt, President Obama and the Democratic National Committee decided, but his delegate support is not. So the president's September nominating convention in Charlotte will shrink to three days while Labor Day will become a telegenic "y'all come" festival in that city aimed at wooing Southern, white and NASCAR voters.
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