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Gingrich: Kill Romney with kindness

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The surging Republican presidential candidate instructed his aides on Thursday morning not to respond to any attacks Romney has leveled against him or advance in coming days, according to a Gingrich campaign adviser. After reading news accounts Thursday morning about Romney’s advisers gaming out strategies to attack him, Gingrich told aides he wants his campaign, and himself, to focus exclusively on his ideas and what he sees as President Obama’s failings.

Republican Leaders Still Seem Torn About Romney

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Republican leaders remain bullish about their party’s chances of winning the White House, but after spending much of this year unsuccessfully trying to recruit new candidates, they are coming to the conclusion that their eventual nominee will carry substantial flaws into the general election. A month before the first round of voting begins, with the top of the field seeming to take shape, many Republicans remain torn over whether to back Mitt Romney and still want to see how Newt Gingrich or another alternative develops.

Slugging it out with Gingrich

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The Romney camp is worried. By this point in the Republican presidential campaign, Mitt Romney's backers had hoped that conservative voters would be coalescing around the former Massachusetts governor as the inevitable nominee. But that's not happening.

On the Trail: November 29-30

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As the Republican candidates and President Obama hit the road, Washington Week tracks moments from the campaign trail.

November 29-30, 2011.


Amid Questions, Cain Stays Defiant

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As leading Republicans began openly questioning how Herman Cain has handled the allegations against him, he remained defiant Wednesday with a message that he had repeated over and again: “Don’t give up!”

In 2012 GOP race, governors stay on sidelines

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Less than five weeks before the first votes are cast in Iowa, Republican governors are still on the sidelines in the contest to decide who their presidential nominee will be in 2012. Only a few governors have endorsed a candidate in the Republican race. The hesitance of the others suggests that, like many Republican voters, they have yet to find an ideal candidate. But in remaining neutral, the governors may be squandering the potential to have a significant influence in the outcome.

Cain Revelations Weigh on G.O.P. Governors’ Meeting

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As Herman Cain was reassessing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday, the party’s governors were assessing how he has handled the string of allegations about his sexual conduct toward women. The controversy came up here during the annual meeting of the nation’s Republican governors. It was used as an example of how not to handle a political firestorm.

Rick Santorum: Commenters weigh in on his campaign with a seriously ill daughter at home

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A sick child-- and especially an incurably sick child--is every parent’s worst nightmare. So we all are forced to picture ourselves in Melinda Henneberger’s in­cred­ibly moving story of Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s (R) family, and how it is dealing with the illness of his 3-year-old daughter Bella while he runs a longshot campaign for president.

Huntsman: Does he really have the makings of a third-party candidate?

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Huntsman’s favorite-candidate status among Beltway pundits, and liberals, has led to questions about whether he would consider mounting a third party bid if he failed to win the GOP nod (which at this point, let’s face it, looks pretty likely). But every time he’s asked about a possible independent bid, Huntmsan says no.

GOP governors worry Obama might escape his woes

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Republican governors, who swept to big victories last year, think President Barack Obama faces huge political obstacles. But they're hardly brimming with confidence about the 2012 election. Meeting this week in Florida, GOP governors and their advisers fret that their party could lose its advantage on the tax-cut issue by appearing too eager to protect the rich.