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Democrats Embrace Once Pejorative ‘Obamacare’ Tag

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As thousands of people gathered on a sweltering night outside a local high school draped with flags and bunting, the speaker talked about the president’s controversial health program. “That’s why he passed Obamacare!” she declared.

Justices Skeptical of Health Care Law

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PBS NewsHour: Supreme Court Considers Health Reform; Day 1 Recap: Jurisdiction, Tax Questions

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Demonstrators gathered Monday outside the Supreme Court as justices kicked off three days of hearings on the health care reform law. Betty Ann Bowser reports then Marcia Coyle and Susan Dentzer discuss the day's proceedings and the core issues of the day's arguments with Gwen Ifill.

Supreme Court Unlikely to Delay Obama Healthcare Ruling

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The Supreme Court on Monday appeared prepared to decide the fate of President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare law soon, rather than delaying for years a ruling on the mandate that Americans buy insurance or pay a penalty.
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On the Radar: January 19, 2011

Legacy: On The Radar

December 31, 2010

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Will a new year bring more bipartisanship and less gridlock to Washington? This week, Michael Duffy (TIME Magazine), Todd Purdum (Vanity Fair), Karen Tumulty (Washington Post), and David Wessel (Wall Street Journal) join Gwen to discuss the major political stories of 2010 and the issues to watch in 2011 including a new Congress, legal challenges to health care reform, and the economic recovery.