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Take That!

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There is no more perennial, or potentially perilous, reality of the modern presidential campaign than the planned, canned, not-always-grand one-liner—as this year’s Republican primary has reminded the world. Herman Cain’s whole campaign, to be honest, was a string of one-liners, until the punchlines ultimately knocked him out. Michele Bachmann has gotten off more than her share, including her description of her interchangeable, ersatz-conservative rivals as “Newt Romney,” and her one-word-association for Romney, when asked: “Hair.”

Gingrich Emerges as Clear Front-Runner in Iowa

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Propelled by his debate performances and the demise of Herman Cain’s candidacy, former House speaker Newt Gingrich sits atop the Republican presidential field in Iowa with a clear lead over his closest competitors, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Gingrich, according to the survey, has advantages that extend well beyond the horse race that put him in an enviable position in the final weeks before the state’s Jan. 3 caucuses, which serve as the formal start of the long nominating season.

Will Cain Endorse Gingrich?

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With Herman Cain out of the race for the GOP nomination, pundits and politicos are turning their attention to which of his former competitors the plain-spoken former pizza executive might endorse. Speculation is focused on Newt Gingrich, who like Cain hails from Georgia and who was the most effusive of all the Republican hopefuls in praising Cain after the announcement Saturday that he was suspending his campaign.

Romney, Gingrich Proceed Carefully in GOP Showdown

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The once-bursting 2012 Republican presidential field is narrowing to a two-man race, and GOP voters have one month before casting the first votes to winnow it to one. Barring a dramatic new turn, their chief options will be the steady but often bland demeanor of Mitt Romney and the idea-a-minute bombast of Newt Gingrich. Herman Cain's suspension of his campaign Saturday, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry's continued struggles to regain traction, have focused the party's attention on Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, and Gingrich, the former House speaker.

Despite Surge, Gingrich Faces Major Hurdles

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Surging in polls is one thing. But as Newt Gingrich seeks to turn his impressive performance in surveys into votes, he is scrambling madly to build the kind of organization that Mitt Romney has methodically put in place for a year, one that will let him compete through all 50 contests, often in multiple states at once. Upending expectations, Mr. Gingrich has taken a decisive lead in new polls in several early-voting states, benefiting from the drift of Herman Cain supporters even before Mr. Cain suspended his campaign on Saturday.

Cain Train Went from Silver Bullet to Train Wreck

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The slow-motion train wreck ground to a halt on Saturday when Cain announced that he would suspend his campaign. The breaking point was an allegation by Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White this week that she had engaged in a 13-year affair with the candidate. Cain's presidential bid unraveled in public as women complained of sexual harassment, he forgot U.S. policy in Libya in a video interview and confused the language spoken in Cuba.

December 2, 2011

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The unemployment rate fell last month to the lowest since March 2009. Is this a sign of the economy stabilizing? Also, Herman Cain faced allegations of an extramarital affair, Rick Perry had another “oops” moment, and Newt Gingrich surged in the polls. Joining Gwen: Jim Tankersley, National Journal; Greg Ip, The Economist; Karen Tumulty, The Washington Post; Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

On the Trail: November 29-30

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As the Republican candidates and President Obama hit the road, Washington Week tracks moments from the campaign trail.

November 29-30, 2011.


Amid Questions, Cain Stays Defiant

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As leading Republicans began openly questioning how Herman Cain has handled the allegations against him, he remained defiant Wednesday with a message that he had repeated over and again: “Don’t give up!”

Cain Revelations Weigh on G.O.P. Governors’ Meeting

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As Herman Cain was reassessing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday, the party’s governors were assessing how he has handled the string of allegations about his sexual conduct toward women. The controversy came up here during the annual meeting of the nation’s Republican governors. It was used as an example of how not to handle a political firestorm.