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PBS NewsHour: Immigration, Affirmative Action on New High Court Docket; Health Reform Awaited

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The U.S. Supreme Court returned to work Monday and the court has a docket full of controversial cases on topics ranging from obscenity to strip searches to warrantless surveillance. Gwen Ifill previews the new term with The National Law Journal's Marcia Coyle and's Tom Goldstein.

Perry's Not the Only GOP Star to Support Tuition Breaks for Illegal Immigrants' Kids

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With Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry under attack for supporting tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants, former Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday offered some solidarity by calling a similar proposal in Florida “fair policy."  Read more

May 27, 2011

Weekly Show

With Sarah Palin's new nationwide tour, the panel looks at the changing complexion of the GOP field and reaction to this week’s  NY special election.  Also, President Obama works with European allies on the Mid-East and Libya.  And the Supreme Court decides two important cases. With Helene Cooper, New York Times, Major Garrett, National Journal, Dan Balz, Washington Post, Joan Biskupic, USA Today.

November 26, 2010

Weekly Show

There’s a full plate for Washington after the Thanksgiving break with challenges at home & abroad. Peter Baker (New York Times) on domestic and foreign policy issues for President Obama; John Dickerson (Slate Magazine and CBS News) on Sarah Palin’s 2012 ambitions; & Joan Biskupic (USA Today) on cases of immigration and veterans’ rights before a Supreme Court with a new justice on the bench.

Toxic Conversations

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A few years ago, my friends Mark Halperin, now of Time Magazine, and John Harris, now of Politico, coined the term “freak show” as a catchall for the fever that overtakes those of us in the information gathering business from time to time.  “Toxicity,” they wrote in their 2006 political book, “The Way to Win,” “is the new defining trait of modern American politics.”

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