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Iowa newspaper scolds White House for off-the-record caveat

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President Obama and his campaign have been diligently working to win the endorsements from newspapers in battleground states, which is why he placed a call to The Des Moines Register on Tuesday.

Campaigns search for elusive early voters

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With early voting under way in Iowa and about to begin in Ohio, the voters the two presidential campaigns are working hardest to motivate are a challenging group: those least likely to vote in the first place. Laura Meckler has details on The News Hub.


September, November: 40 precious days to spend on early vote

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A stream of voters arrived at election offices across Iowa to cast their ballots. Waves of absentee ballots have started landing in mailboxes in 30 other states. And more than a month before what the calendar says is Election Day, President Obama began delivering his closing argument to voters.

Obama returns to Iowa in bid to reignite the fervor

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This prairie state is the place where his unlikely bid for presidency began. But now it is 2012, and the big question for President Obama is whether, four years after that historic run, Iowa can do for him what it did in 2008.

Obama, Romney talk energy in battleground states

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President Obama visited an Iowa farm Tuesday where a family grows corn and soybeans while also generating wind energy with several turbines on their 1,000 acres. Republican Mitt Romney spent time at an Ohio coal mine, speaking in front of hard-hat-wearing workers whose livelihood depends on continued demand for their often-maligned product.

In Iowa, Obama Tries to Summon Spirit of '08

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Call it the heartland nostalgia tour, with a plan. President Obama on Monday embarked on a three-day journey by bus across the Hawkeye State -- an adventure plotted literally and figuratively to remind his supporters how they helped send him to the White House in 2008, and how Iowans can do it again in November. Three days in Iowa -- a commitment of time considered rare for a president immersed in such a tough campaign -- offered Obama a way to stop the clock, or at least slow it down.

New campaigner Ryan under fire from hecklers and Obama

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Republican Paul Ryan got a taste of the rough side of a presidential campaign on Monday when protesters heckled him and President Barack Obama accused him of blocking emergency aid to drought-hit farmers. The new vice presidential hopeful from Wisconsin - who brings Midwestern credibility to White House hopeful Mitt Romney's campaign - mingled with locals at the Iowa State Fair, a popular spot for politicians keen to show their common touch in a state where Obama and Romney will be in tight competition.

August 10, 2012

Weekly Show

New polls show that the presidential race is as close as ever. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama campaign in key swing states as the campaigns and super PACs release more controversial advertisements. Also, when will Romney pick his running mate? Joining Gwen: Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times; Beth Reinhard, National Journal; John Harwood, CNBC and The New York Times.


Obama and Romney battle for campaign edge in Iowa, Colorado

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President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney traded barbs over the economy and women's rights on Wednesday, each seeking an edge in critical states that could tip the result of the November 6 election.

President Obama tailors outreach for select groups

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The Obama campaign is carefully targeting groups including young women, dog lovers and sports fans, trying to build on connections to create deeper commitments from voters this fall.