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Iowa Vote Doesn't Resolve GOP Search for Identity

On The Radar

The Republicans' identity crisis is producing the most volatile presidential primary season in memory and threatening to dilute the conservative fervor that swept the party to huge wins in 2010. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the pragmatic, establishment choice. But he has yet to attract more than a quarter of GOP voters, as his eight-vote Iowa caucus win showed.
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Gwen’s Caucus Day Take: 5 Things to Watch for in Iowa

Gwen's Take

We love it when voters take over the narrative, and that’s what will happen in Iowa tonight as voters meet to caucus and choose a possible Presidential nominee. Here’s what we’re watching:

How will social conservatives split?

In Iowa, Gingrich Is Gaining Favor, New Poll Shows

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Newt Gingrich enters the final four weeks of campaigning before the Iowa caucuses with Republican voters in the state viewing him as more prepared to be president than Mitt Romney, more attuned to their concerns and just as capable of defeating President Obama, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.