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Huntsman’s Appeal to Independents Provides a Chance to Fight on

On The Radar

Jon Huntsman Jr.’s bet that the contrarian impulse of New Hampshire voters would put him back in the Republican primary mix delivered a third-place finish that allows him to continue in the race for now. He heads to South Carolina, site of the next Republican presidential primary, where he’s trailing other candidates as well as comedian Stephen Colbert.
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May 20, 2011

Weekly Show

After infighting between New Gingrich and fellow republicans, the panel examines the current field of GOP candidates. Also, the table reports on campaign fundraising efforts, the scandal rocking the IMF, and the President’s clash with Israel's PM on the path to peace in the Mideast. Joining Gwen: Jeanne Cummings/POLITICO, Michael Duffy/TIME, Doyle McManus/Los Angeles Times, Eamon Javers/CNBC.