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How Republicans Learned to Love the Mainstream Media

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If you’re going to declare war on the tea party, The New York Times is a good place to start.

By laying out plans to protect Senate Republicans and other seasoned candidates from tea-party insurgents on the front page of the Sunday paper, the American Crossroads super PAC effectively alerted the donor class to its new venture, called the Conservative Victory Project.

Washington Week - Tampa Bay Edition

Vault Show

As we prepare for our Florida show on Friday, we take a glimpse back at how the issues discussed in our February 2008 Tampa Bay show are related to the 2012 election. Joining Gwen: James Barnes, National Journal; Gloria Borger, CNN and US News; Jeanne Cummings, Politico; and Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair.

Dearth of Civility in the Public Square

Gwen's Take

Flash back with me to sixth grade recess. A bit of taunting that turns into a little shoving and trash talking. Next thing you know, a circle of children are egging each other you on, chanting: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

What choice did you have but to fight? It wasn’t a very civil thing to do, but this was elementary school.

Now, we live in a world of sixth grade taunting everywhere we look, where disagreements are settled on the playground of dueling campaign appearances and pundit-driven cable television debates.

Obama’s Brewer Encounter Sidetracks Message

On The Radar

President Barack Obama’s encounter with Arizona governor Jan Brewer yesterday on an airport tarmac in Phoenix sidetracked the administration’s effort to keep the media focused on the president’s message.
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Sharp Clashes at Republican Debate Ahead of Vote

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Republican presidential candidates tore into each other on Thursday and Newt Gingrich snarled at the CNN moderator in a raucous debate two days before the South Carolina primary, which may decide the nomination race.
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GOP Candidates debate in South Carolina (CNN)

Why Santorum's Uncompromising Style is Pushing Him to the Top in Iowa.

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You know you've arrived as a candidate in this state when you can't talk to actual voters. At the Reising Sun Cafe in Polk City, Iowa, on Monday, it was all madness and jostle as the press from all over the world swarmed to cover the latest hot candidate, Rick Santorum. Fussy foreign journalists whistled in winter jackets, tripods poked unmentionable places, and heavy cameras swung with a threat of contusion
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On the Radar: July 9, 2010

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