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Both McConnell and Reid Dismiss Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Plan.

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GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan is getting lots of buzz, but congressional leaders of both parties are less than enthusiastic.

All The King's Horses And All The King's Men

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In the fine tradition of the well-executed post mortem, we now find ourselves in the season of the "tick tock" -- the well-reported explanations of how a big story unfolded.

We have been treated to the finest of the genre in the days since the President was finally able to put ink to paper and sign the much wrangled- over legislation to raise the nation's debt limit.

Grand Bargains: Why they are so elusive

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I’ve been afflicted this week with a disorienting sense of déjà vu that affects any reporter who has covered Washington long enough. Even the most consequential and operatic standoffs begin to seem eerily familiar.

On the Radar: July 13, 2011

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On the Radar: June 20, 2011

Legacy: On The Radar

November 5, 2010

Weekly Show

Analysis of the election fallout, newly divided Congress, possible partisan gridlock and power plays on Capitol Hill, plus Washington Week remembers long-time panelist Charles McDowell. Covering the remarkable political week: Michael Duffy (Time Magazine), Peter Baker (The New York Times), Karen Tumulty (Washington Post) & John Harris (Politico).

On the Radar: November 5, 2010

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On the Radar: October 25, 2010

Legacy: On The Radar

The Risks and Rewards of Party Purity

Gwen's Take

If you want to sum up the challenges facing mainstream Democrats and Republicans this campaign season, hop a plane to Kentucky.

That’s what I did this week, and when I got there I discovered the political world must be a pretty lonely place for Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell this year.

Recalculating: News and Politics in the Age of GPS

Gwen's Take

Like many of you, I have become slightly addicted to the voice embedded in my dashboard that tells me where and how to drive my car.

If I miss an exit, it grows silent for a moment before calmly advising me that it is “recalculating.”

If only there were a global positioning app for the news and politics.