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GOP Rivals Turn Romney's Jobs Record Against Him

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Mitt Romney's Republican rivals accused him Monday of exaggerating his successes and coldly laying off thousands of workers while heading a profitable venture capital firm, an effort to turn the presidential front-runner's biggest asset into a liability. The heightened focus on the firm Bain Capital threatens to slow Romney's cruise-control campaign because it goes to the heart of his No. 1 appeal to voters: the claim that he knows far more than President Barack Obama about creating jobs.

The Great Republican Humor Crisis of 2012

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When John McCain joined Mitt Romney on the campaign trail this week, he brought with him something unfamiliar in this year's race: laughter. Following former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu at a rally on Wednesday, McCain said it reminded him of his favorite joke about governors: "There were two inmates in the chow line in the state prison and one of them turned to the other and said the food was a lot better in here when you were governor.”

Romney Supporters Applaud His Remark on Firing People

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There appears to be least one voting bloc that doesn’t care whether Mitt Romney has ever really feared a pink slip or actually likes firing people: Romney supporters. Mr. Romney spent most of Monday defending his brand of capitalism after Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman piled on the former governor for appearing out-of-touch. But his backers offered a variety of reasons for why the attacks fell flat.
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Romney Is Focus as Battle in G.O.P. Takes Sharp Edge

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The Republican race for president splintered along two distinct tracks on Sunday, with all of the candidates who are not named Mitt Romney intensifying their attempts to derail the one who is. And all the while they kept their sights trained on one another as they try to emerge as his chief rival. Two days before the first primary of the Republican nominating process, Mr. Romney remained a solid favorite here on Tuesday and beyond.

Gingrich Sheds Doubt on Romney’s Business Past

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Newt Gingrich raised questions about Mitt Romney’s private sector past at two back-to-back debates over the weekend in New Hampshire, returning to an allegation he made last month that Mitt Romney made a fortune at Bain by “bankrupting companies and laying off employees.” A new report by the New York Times, Gingrich said, showed that Bain, the private equity firm co-founded by Romney, had “looted” one particular company (although it turns out he was actually referring to a Reuters story, written by Andy Sullivan and Greg Roumeliotis, about Bain’s investme

Mitt Romney Under Attack in Final N.H. Debate

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Mitt Romney’s opponents, seizing upon what could be one of their last opportunities to blunt his accelerating ­momentum toward the GOP presidential nomination, trained their fire on the front-runner Sunday. Romney’s opponents took the parts of his résumé that he touts as strengths and offered them as evidence that he lacks authenticity, conviction and consistency. The sparring began on a debate stage and continued as the candidates fanned out across the state in their last weekend of campaigning.

My Baloney Has a First Name, It’s M-I-T-T

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Newt Gingrich spoke for everyone in America when he asked during the NBC News-Facebook New Hampshire debate, "Can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney?" Gingrich was talking to Mitt Romney, but let his exasperated call reach President Obama and leaders in Congress and let it ring in the ears of all the GOP candidates on that stage. Newt Gingrich is not immune to the request. Any candidate who says his adultery came in part from loving the country too much knows how to slice that baloney thick and wriggling.

Few Nicks to Romney in Final New Hampshire Debate

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Two days before an anticipated victory in this state’s primary puts him on a glide path to the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney walked off stage with few nicks from two back-to-back debates. The squandering of two opportunities to knock Romney down on national television and in his own backyard underscored the impotence of the Republican field in 2012 and the former Massachusetts governor’s steam-rolling position.

Gingrich Says Bain Capital Looted Companies

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Newt Gingrich assailed Mitt Romney’s business background of buying and selling companies at the investment firm Bain Capital, saying Sunday afternoon that the work was comparable to “rich people figuring out clever legal ways to loot a company.” Newt Gingrich assailed Mitt Romney’s business background of buying and selling companies at the investment firm Bain Capital, saying Sunday afternoon that the work was comparable to “rich people figuring out clever legal ways to loot a company.”

January 6, 2012

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This week, we’re on the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire to preview the primaries. After a close finish in Iowa, will Mitt Romney stay ahead of the pack in the Granite State? Joining Gwen: Dan Balz,  Washington Post; John Dickerson, Slate Magazine and CBS News; Julianna Goldman, Bloomberg News; John Harwood, CNBC and The New York Times.