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A tax reform fairy tale

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Tax reform proposals are the political equivalent of science fiction: entertaining but imaginary. No tax proposal ever passes through Congress unscathed. There are too many interests that believe their survival depends on tax preferences — hence the tax code's immutable tendency to accumulate complexities as a ship collects barnacles.

October 28, 2011

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A long shot a short time ago, Herman Cain is shaking up the GOP race. But rising polls numbers brings greater scrutiny. And what happened to Rick Perry’s surge?  Also, the President tries to bypass Congress. Plus the clock is ticking on the Deficit Reduction Committee. Joining Gwen: John Dickerson, Slate/CBS News; John Harwood, CNBC/NY Times; Jackie Calmes, NY Times; Janet Hook, Wall St. Journal.

Republican candidates offer a diverse set of economic plans

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At a moment when the fragility of the economy ranks at the top of American concerns, sharp differences have begun to emerge in how the leading GOP presidential contenders would solve the problem — illuminating not only a diversity in approach, but a striking contrast in the candidates’ governing philosophies.


Perry Looks Outside His Circle to Boost Campaign

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Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is taking significant steps to redefine his candidacy as his battle for the Republican nomination intensifies, including unveiling a tax overhaul plan that would give people the option of paying a 20 percent flat tax on income.

The Cain Mutiny

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Herman Cain has captured lightning in a bottle. That's the political cliché for the blast of popularity he's experiencing. But in Iowa, a state that has traditionally rewarded well-organized campaigns, the question is whether Cain is all lightning and no bottle. His supporters and political consultants are trying to get him to spend time and energy in the state, but he has a different plan.

Rick Perry moves to recharge campaign with flat-tax plan and new hires

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Welcome to Rick Perry 2.0.   The Republican Texas governor is retooling his presidential campaign, shuffling staff and touting a bold but controversial new tax plan, hoping to rebound from a recent plunge in the polls.

Mitt Woos Iowa

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Iowa is a dusty place this time of year. Billows rise up from the combines in the field as the corn is harvested. Your eyes get scratchy. But no dust sticks to Mitt Romney. He is the stainless-steel candidate: precise, technically flawless, and lacking warmth. "I love this country," he said at the end of his town hall at Morningside College Thursday morning. "I hope I made that clear. I didn’t say that as directly as I’d like to: I love America.” Yes, he was sincere, and, yes, the delivery was synthetic.

The Next Flat Tax Plan

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Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to unveil his flat tax plan next week.  John Harwood previews the plan.

Bad Blood Between Perry and Romney Is Longstanding

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The hostilities flaring between Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas have been steadily rising inside both camps and may signal a new, more combative phase in the Republican presidential campaign.

After sharp GOP debate, campaign shifts focus

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After five debates in six weeks, the race for the Republican presidential nomination will soon shift to a new phase, one focused on states with early primaries and caucuses and dominated by retail campaign skills and television commercials rather than by prepared sound bites and testy exchanges on a debate stage.