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On the Trail: November 29-30

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As the Republican candidates and President Obama hit the road, Washington Week tracks moments from the campaign trail.

November 29-30, 2011.


If I Were King ...

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When a presidential candidate makes a promise, it's always useful to ask: How are you going to pull that off? There usually isn't an answer. Health care will be repealed, the budget balanced, and 15-minute brownies made in 10. Newt Gingrich is the only candidate who talks about how he would actually enact some of the promises he makes and the changes he would bring to the office of the presidency. Whether you agree with him or not, this is a useful and laudable thing.

PBS NewsHour: Union Leader Publisher on Gingrich Endorsement: 'He's a Guy With Ideas'

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is leading in the polls and picked up a key endorsement from an influential New Hampshire newspaper. Gwen Ifill discusses the Republican presidential field and the endorsement with Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid and Susan Page of USA Today.

Battle of the Blemishes

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The Republican presidential race is now dominated by giants: the giant flaws of the front-runners. With 36 days to go before the first votes are cast in Iowa, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich stand atop the field—familiar, formidable, and flawed. Romney has a history of shifting positions and supported the individual health care mandate. Gingrich has some of those same flaws plus a complicated personal history. The question for voters choosing between the two: Which candidate’s troubles are too big?

Gingrich Says He’s ‘Conservative Alternative’ to Romney

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Newt Gingrich, who not long ago was urging his fellow Republican candidates to avoid tearing one another apart in pursuit of the party’s presidential nomination, took a new approach on Monday by explicitly declaring: “I don’t claim to be the perfect candidate; I just claim to be a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney.” With his candidacy on the rise, Mr.

Romney campaign hits back after Dem 'flip' charges

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Mitt Romney confronted double-barreled allegations Monday that he has flip-flopped on key issues, the first time the 2012 presidential campaign has focused squarely on what many see as the Republican contender's biggest political liability. The former Massachusetts governor hastily arranged for supporters to hold conference calls with reporters to combat a new Democratic ad that highlights his changed positions on abortion, immigration, guns and other issues.

Mitt Bashes Newt for Agreeing with Him on Immigration

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Bloomberg has a story today that quotes a 2006 interview with Mitt Romney, in which he took a dim view of the prospect of deporting illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. Romney's comments are at odds with the position he took last week when he assailed Republican rival Newt Gingrich's call for a "humane'' immigration policy that doesn't target longtime undocumented residents. Romney accused Gingrich of opening "a new doorway to amnesty.''

Big Baby

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Forget Newt Gingrich’s $1.6 to $1.8 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac and his up-to-$500,000 line of credit at Tiffany & Co. Overlook the Greek cruise and the mass campaign-staff exodus. Pay no attention to his two messy divorces and his impeachment of a president over an extramarital affair while he was conducting an affair of his own. But, please, don’t forget the pacifier.

Newt Gingrich Inc.: How the GOP hopeful went from political flameout to fortune

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Anyone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife must not live in Washington. Rarely, however, has reincarnation been so lucrative as it has for the man who now tops some polls for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich transfigured himself from a political flameout into a thriving business conglomerate. The power of the Gingrich brand fueled a for-profit collection of enterprises that generated close to $100 million in revenue over the past decade, said his longtime attorney Randy Evans.

November 25, 2011

Weekly Show

The supercommittee failed to reach a budget deal this week, affecting national politics and the economy. Also, the GOP presidential candidates debated foreign policy, with Newt Gingrich facing new scrutiny on his immigration stance. John Dickerson guest-hosts with: Susan Davis, National Journal; David Wessel, The Wall Street Journal; Dan Balz, The Washington Post; Gloria Borger, CNN.