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Newt and Mitt: Two Guys with Issues

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So after all of this drama in the Republican race, we have two major candidates with some very basic questions left unanswered: For Mitt Romney, it's the most basic query of all -- "Who am I?" (Moderate or conservative? Warm or cold? Very rich or very, very rich?) As for Newt Gingrich, he's got to explain to voters that "I'm-not-who-you-think-I-am." (And then behaves as the angry, unpredictable man they think he is.)
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Voice of the Voters: Colorado Youth

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Washington Week partnered with Colorado Mesa University ahead of the Colorado caucus to find out what issues young voters are focusing on as they evaluate the candidates hoping to become president. Student Tess Matsukawa reports.

Minnesota a 'Tossup' for GOP Candidates

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When former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was campaigning for the Republican nomination, he frequently joked about hailing from the state that elected liberal icons such as Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey -- and here comes the punch line -- Al Franken, the comic-turned-senator. But running alongside the state’s progressive streak is a conservative insurgency that is personified by Pawlenty’s one-time rival for the White House, Rep.

The Flub Watch Never Stops for Obama’s Team

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For Brad Woodhouse, the spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, it was when he came across a Twitter post about a CNN interview in which Mitt Romney seemed to shrug off concern for the very poor. And Bill Burton’s moment came a week and a half ago while he was in his family room watching Mr. Romney take Newt Gingrich to task for talking about putting a colony on the moon. If someone made such a proposal to him, Mr. Romney said, “I’d say, ‘You’re fired.’ ”

February 3, 2012

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What do January’s unemployment numbers tell us about the economy? Plus, Mitt Romney won the Florida primary, but his comments about the poor are making headlines. Also, new FEC disclosures shine light on Super PAC money.

The New Normal

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Mitt Romney was so chipper on the eve of Florida’s Republican primary that instead of reciting a few verses of “America the Beautiful” as he frequently does on the stump, he let down his guard and sang. The presidential candidate was contemplating his first big-state win and a favorable forecast for February, with contests scheduled in a number of friendly states and three weeks without any nationally televised debates in which he might be upstaged. Warbling, albeit off-key, was in order.

What’s Next---5 Questions Answered

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Right after the polls closed Tuesday night and Mitt Romney had been declared the winner of the Florida primary, Syndicated Columnists and PBS NewsHour contributors David Brooks, Mark Shields and I looked at each other and sighed.

As we prepared for the NewsHour’s 11 p.m. politics special, would we have anything left to say?

Turns out we had plenty.

The Gingrich playbook

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Newt Gingrich says he's staying in the Republican presidential race all the way to the GOP convention in August, and that he's willing — even eager — to fight for the nomination on the convention floor. But does he have a chance? Gingrich and his aides seem to think so, and they have a theory of how they can wrest the nomination from Mitt Romney.
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Romney Has Obama in His Sights, But Won't Give Gingrich Free Ride

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Don’t be fooled by Mitt Romney’s victory speech in Florida, which was aimed squarely at President Obama. He didn’t mention the leading thorn-in-his-side Republican, Newt Gingrich, but he's going to make sure voters hear a lot about Gingrich as long as he stays in the race.
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Romney Wins Florida in A Landslide

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CNBC's Eamon Javers has the highlights from Florida's primary and the negative campaigning between candidates.